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Learn About us and how we landed in Dubai as simple expats to now flourishing business setup and visa experts helping new expat families settle in the UAE

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Table of Contents

From Novices to Navigators

Our Family's Journey to a New Life in Dubai then came Expat Zone

Our Journey to Dubai

Our Journey to Dubai

A Family’s Leap into Expat Life

Our move from the UK to Dubai started with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. We had heard so much about the opportunities in Dubai the business friendly environment, the luxurious lifestyle, and the vibrant expat community. 

But, the actual process of relocating seemed daunting. 

We needed to understand everything from visa processes to finding a home and integrating into a new culture.

Learning the Ropes

Navigating the Visa Process:

We quickly learned the importance of the right visa for our family and business setup. The initial residence visa process, which allowed us to rent a home and enroll our children in school, was our first victory.

Renting vs. Buying:

Deciding between renting an apartment or buying a villa was a significant decision. Renting offered flexibility, but buying promised a sense of permanency and home in our new city.

The Car Dilemma:

The choice between buying and renting a car was influenced by our short term needs and long term plans. 

Dubai’s driving license process, including the infamous Oman border run for license renewal, was an adventure on its own!

Unexpected Challenges

Higher Costs and Business Setbacks

The cost of living took us by surprise, especially dining out, which was a frequent treat back in the UK. 

Additionally, our first attempt at setting up a business was met with challenges, including navigating local regulations and encountering companies that saw expats as easy targets for inflated service fees.

Founding Expat Zone

From Novices to Experts

Now you know about us and our experiences that led us to found Expat Zone.

Frustrated by the complexities and the businesses that took advantage of our naivety, we were determined to ensure others wouldn’t face the same pitfalls. 

Now, as seasoned expats, we guide families through every step of settling in Dubai, from obtaining residency visas and drivers’ licenses to advising on the best neighborhoods and schools

Our journey taught us the ins and outs of expat life in Dubai, making us not just residents but experts dedicated to easing the transition for others. 

Through Expat Zone, we aim to make the dream of living in Dubai a smooth and transparent reality for families from around the world.

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