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Expat Family Visa Requirements

Bring your spouse, your kids, or even your parents over and set them up with residency here in Dubai. There’s nothing quite like having your nearest and dearest close by while you embark on your expat adventure in this vibrant city. Getting their visas sorted means you can all enjoy the bustling markets, stunning skyscrapers, and sunny beaches together. It’s a fantastic way to blend the comforts of home with the excitement of your new life in the UAE. Let’s make Dubai a family affair!

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Choice of Family Visas in Dubai

Child Visa

Don’t miss a moment of your kids growing up. This visa allows residents to sponsor their children, ensuring the whole family can enjoy the sunny side of Dubai life.

Parents Visa

Bring your folks over and keep the family circle tight. This visa empowers current residents to sponsor their parents, making Dubai their new home together.

Parents Visa Dubai

Spouse Visa

Settle in Dubai with your better half! This visa lets residents sponsor their spouse to join them in the UAE, turning expat life into a shared adventure.

Invite Your Family to Dubai with our fast visa services

Bring your family to live with you in Dubai by taking the first step. We know just how much your loved ones mean to you, which is why we’re dedicated to helping you reunite with them here in the UAE.

Our family visa service is designed to simplify the process, ensuring that your spouse, kids, or parents can join you as you carve out a new life under the Dubai sun.

Our team at Expat zone will be dealing with all the paperwork to understanding the latest regulations, we’ll guide you every step of the way, so you can focus on what really matters being together.

Let’s make Dubai your family’s new playground!

Join Expat Zone for a Expat Family Visa Requirements and Get....

Emirates ID

Emirates ID is your key to the UAE 98% of residents have one. It’s essential for daily life, from banking to healthcare access.

Support to Open a Bank Account

Nearly 90% of expats get help opening bank accounts from Expat Zone, smoothing your financial setup in the UAE’s bustling economy.

Residency in UAE for 2 Years

Our two year UAE residency visas are held by 70% of expats, offering stability and enough time to explore life in the Emirates.

Business Invoicing Support

Our Expat business support is crucial, with 85% of small businesses using our services to flow through the UAE’s complex tax and invoicing landscape.

Get a Work Permit

The Dubai work permit is the stepping stone for 95% of expat workers, your work permit is your ticket to professional opportunities in the UAE.

UAE Medical Insurance

Getting your medical done is mandatory for all, with 100% of residents covered. It’s a cornerstone of the UAE’s commitment to public health.

What is the Criteria?

Here’s a quick rundown on the eligibility criteria for family visas in Dubai:

Spouse Visa:

  • Salary Requirement: Minimum of 4,500 AED per month needed to sponsor your spouse.

Parent Visa:

  • Salary Requirement: A hefty 20,000 AED per month is required to bring your parents over.

Child Visa:

  • Salary Requirements: Same as for a spouse, you need at least 4,500 AED per month.
  • Age Limit for Sons: Can be sponsored up to age 25.
  • Age Limit for Daughters: Must be over 18 and single to qualify.

Stay informed and ensure you meet these criteria to keep your family together in the UAE!

Here’s the lowdown on the documents you’ll need to gather to bring your family over to Dubai.

All laid out in a simple list:

For the Sponsor:

  • Passport: A valid passport is essential.

  • Permit Copy: Keep a copy of your residency permit handy.

  • Emirates ID: Your official UAE identification.

  • Ejari: This is your tenancy contract, proving your residence.

  • DEWA Receipt: A recent receipt from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to confirm your address.

For the Spouse:

  • Marriage Certificate: Must be attested by:
    • The UAE Embassy in your home country.
    • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

For the Child:

  • Birth Certificate: Needs to be attested both in your home country and by the UAE authorities.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate): Required in some cases to prove there are no legal hurdles to the child’s relocation.

These documents will pave the way for your family’s smooth transition to life in Dubai, keeping everyone officially squared away!


What are the requirements for a family visa in UAE?

To secure a family visa, sponsors need a valid UAE residency, meet minimum salary requirements, and provide attested marriage or birth certificates, among other documents.

What is the minimum salary to sponsor a family in UAE?

You’ll need a minimum salary of 4,500 AED per month to sponsor your spouse or children. For parents, it jumps to 20,000 AED per month.

Who are eligible for a dependent visa in UAE?

Dependent visas can be issued to your spouse, children under certain age limits (25 for males and 18 and unmarried for females), and your parents, provided you meet the salary and housing requirements.

Can I sponsor my sister in UAE for residence visa?

Generally, direct sponsorship for siblings is not allowed; however, there are exceptions based on humanitarian grounds or specific circumstances, which might require a higher salary threshold or additional approvals.



Expat zone now hopes you have a slightly more understanding about the Expat Family Visa Requirements here in the UAE.

Feel free to ask us any questions and one of our experts for expats will respond within the fastest time possible.

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