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Are you considering launching a business in the UAE? Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Company Formation Specialists today to discover all the essential information you require for starting your own company in the UAE.

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    With expertise in a wide range of services including tax consultation, accounting, freezone establishment, Dubai business setup, PRO services, offshore incorporation, mainland business setup, bank account opening, golden visa acquisition, and expat visa services, we are your one stop solution for all your business needs.

    Tax Consultation and Accounting Services in Dubai

    Navigating the intricate landscape of tax laws and financial regulations can be daunting. 

    At Expat Zone, our experienced consultants offer tailored tax consultation and accounting services to ensure compliance and maximize your financial efficiency.

    Freezone and Dubai Business Setup

    Looking to establish your business in the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s freezones or mainland? 

    Our dedicated team provides end to end support for company formation and business setup. 

    Bank Account Opening and Golden Visa Application

    Accessing banking services and securing residency in the UAE is essential for business growth and personal stability. 

    Our team facilitates seamless bank account opening and assists in obtaining the prestigious golden visa, providing you with the necessary tools to thrive in the region.

    Expat Visa Services

    As expatriates ourselves, we understand the challenges of relocation and visa acquisition. Our expat visa services ensure a smooth transition for you and your family, offering personalized assistance every step of the way.

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