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When Should I Apply for My Dubai Employment Visa?

Timing’s crucial, expats. Apply after you get your job offer and before you book your one way ticket to Dubai sandpit.

Your employer will typically handle the initial paperwork, including the entry permit, which you need before you can enter the UAE and start the full visa process.

As an expert here in the bustling expat zone of Dubai, I’m here to guide you through the process of securing your work permit, a critical piece of the puzzle if you’re planning to work in the UAE.

Here’s how it all goes down

Firstly, your employer needs to kick things off by requesting the TASHEEL application.

We then gather and submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), who will review your application. Once everything’s ticked off, you’ll receive approval and can download your permit.

Arriving in the UAE

When you land in the UAE on a Pink visa, you’ve got a 60-day window to secure both your residence visa and official work permit.

Ministry of Labour UAE

As soon as your company receives the nod from the Ministry of Labour regarding the immigration quota, you can finalise the contract and return it to your employer.

This allows them to apply for your work licence, and this will be noted on your residency visa. With the work permit in hand, you’re all set to officially start your job.

Your Medical Assessment

For medical screening, you’ll need an Emirates ID. You must present your entry visa, your passport, and a copy of it when you request your ID at the EIDA centre, which you must visit in person.

You Will Get your Work Entry Visa

Upon arrival at the airport, you’ll receive a Work Entry Visa, also known as the Pink visa, allowing you to stay in the UAE for two months while you complete your resident visa application.

After your arrival, you must undergo a medical exam, hit up the Emirates ID service centre, present your passport and entry permit, and undergo biometric testing.

Your medical records and employment contract will also be forwarded to the Ministry of Labour to integrate you into the payroll system.

Work Visa Costs

Now, about the costs initial approval typically runs about AED 200. Depending on your employer’s staff mix and your job’s classification, you could be looking at various fees ranging from AED 300 to AED 5000.

Generally, your employer covers the employment visa costs in Dubai.

The Ministry usually issues work permits within about 5 working days of receiving all the necessary documents.

As for validity, your employment visa in the UAE initially lasts for a month and can be extended for another month.

During this 60 day period, you and your employer need to arrange for your residency visa, Emirates ID, and labour card.

With both a residence visa and a labour card, you can legally live and work in the UAE, with residence visas available for 1 to 3 years, depending on your situation.

For a ballpark on costs, a typical two year work visa, which includes medical screening and MOHRE fees, will set you back between AED 3000 and AED 7000, all in.

What Do I Need to Bag a Dubai Employment Visa?

First things first, to land a Dubai employment visa, you’ll need a job offer in Dubai.

Your future employer becomes your sponsor and will do a lot of the legwork.

Here’s your checklist:

  • Passport: Valid for at least 6 months.
  • Visa Application: Completed by your employer.
  • Photos: Passport-sized, make sure they’re recent.
  • Entry Permit: Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • Health Insurance: Required by law.
  • Medical Test: You’ll need to be clear of certain diseases, like HIV and tuberculosis.
  • Labour Contract: Provided by your employer and approved by the Ministry.
What Do I Need to Bag a Dubai Employment Visa

How Do I Apply for an Employment Visa?

Here’s how it rolls:

  • Employer Initiates: They apply for an entry permit.
  • Enter Dubai: Fly in on that permit.
  • Medical Tests: Get poked and prodded to prove you’re healthy.
  • Emirates ID: Apply for this; it’s your identity card while you’re there.
  • Labour Card and Work Permit: Your employer helps you get these.
How Do I Apply for an Employment Visa

What If My Application Hits a Snag?

Keep calm and chat with your Expat Zone dedicated manager.

Common hiccups might be missing documents or issues with the medical tests.

However our team of experts for expats will make sure all your documents have been collected and submitted to the appropriate authorities in the UAE on time.

The experts at expat zone are savvy about sorting out all your paperwork. 

If you have any questions? You can reach via our super fast email response form (here)

What If My Application Hits a Snag?​

Can I Bring My Family Over on My Employment Visa?

Yes, you can sponsor your direct kin like your spouse and kids.

You’ll need to prove you earn enough dosh to support them, though.

The exact figure varies, so check the latest requirements, but it’s usually around AED 4,000 to AED 5,000 a month without accommodation.

Mum can back her kids for a visa in some special cases that the ICP gives the thumbs up to.

If you’ve got residency, you’ve got 60 days to sort out your family’s residence visas after they land in the UAE with their entry permits.

You can also sponsor your old folks, and they’ll get their residence visas renewed yearly, no matter how long your own visa’s for.

Your job title doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to sorting out your family’s visas. If you’re not up to snuff medically, though, you won’t get your residence visa.

But, if you’ve only got dormant or inactive chest bugs, you’re still in the game; you’ll get a one year ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ as long as you’re getting treated and checked up by the health bosses.

Can I Bring My Family Over on My Employment Visa?​

Is There a Way to Fast Track My Job Visa?

For the high flyers and big earners, the UAE offers a Golden Visa this bad boy gives you a long term stay option without the usual rigmarole.

If you’re a skilled professional, an investor, or have a chunk of change in your bank, this might be an option.

Is There a Way to Fast Track My Job Visa

How Long Does The Visa Process Take?

From the moment your employer kicks off the application to when you can strut around Dubai with a valid visa,

it’s usually about 2-4 weeks. Delays? They happen, usually down to paperwork or processing snags. However we will make sure the delays from the UAE authorities are kept down to the bear minimum.

How Long Does The Visa Process Take?​

What Are the Visa Costs Involved?

Here’s the visa price breakdown:

  • Entry Permit: Around AED 200-400
  • Medical Testing and Emirates ID: About AED 850.
  • Visa Stamping: AED 500 or so. These are ballpark figures; your employer might cover some or all of this

For the official spiel and the most up to date info, always check out the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation website or the Dubai Government’s official portal.

We’ve got all the legal jargon and can keep you in the loop with any changes to visa rules or costs.

What Are the Visa Costs Involved?​
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