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    How much is a Trade License in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman?

    As a foreign business advisor at Expat Zone, I understand the excitement and questions swirling around establishing your business in the UAE. Whether you’re dreaming of sun-soaked Dubai, the vibrant energy of Abu Dhabi, or the entrepreneurial spirit of Sharjah, obtaining a trade license is your crucial first step.

    This UAE trade license guide explains to you the free zones in UAE and Mainland business setup, the non UAE resident business owner, with all the knowledge you need regarding trade licenses in the UAE.


    From understanding the concept to navigating the cost structure across various emirates, Expat Zone, the leading business setup company in the UAE, is your partner in this exciting journey.


    What is a Trade License in UAE?

    A trade license in the UAE essentially serves as a legal permit authorizing your business to operate within a specific emirate. It acts as a formal registration document, identifying your business activities, legal structure, and location. Essentially, it’s your official stamp of approval to conduct business in the UAE.




    Types of Trade Licenses Available in UAE?

    The UAE offers a diverse range of trade licenses catering to various business activities. Here’s a glimpse into some common license types:


    Commercial License

    Ideal for businesses involved in trading goods and services within the UAE.


    Industrial License

    Designed for businesses engaged in manufacturing and production activities.


    Professional License

    Suitable for businesses providing professional services such as consultancy, engineering, or IT services, Personal Trainer Business License.


    Tourism License

    A must-have for businesses operating within the tourism sector, such as travel agencies or tour operators.


    E-commerce License

    This specialized license allows you to conduct online business activities within the UAE.



    Dubai Trade License Fees

    The cost of a trade license in the UAE is influenced by several factors:


    Choose Your Emirate for Business Setup

    License fees can vary slightly between emirates. Dubai generally has slightly higher costs compared to other emirates.


    What will be your Business Activity?

    The chosen business activity and its complexity can impact license fees.


    Your Company Structure

    License fees for a mainland company setup might differ from those in a free zone.


    Your Visa Requirements

    The number of visas required for your employees can influence the overall cost.


    While providing an exact figure is challenging due to these variables, here’s a general breakdown of trade license costs across various emirates:


    Dubai Trade Visa Cost: AED 12,000 – AED 50,000+ (approx.)

    Sharjah Trade Visa Cost: Varies (often competitive)

    Abu Dhabi Trade Visa Cost: Varies (competitive packages available)

    Ajman Trade Visa Cost: Varies (often affordable)

    Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Trade Visa Cost: Competitive Packages


    Important Note: These are just starting points. The actual cost may vary depending on your specific business needs.


    More to Consider

    Remember, the trade license fee is just one aspect of the equation. Here are some additional cost factors to consider:


    Office Space: Rental costs for office space can vary depending on the chosen location and size requirements.

    Visas: Fees associated with obtaining visas for your employees.

    Business Setup Services: Expat Zone offers cost-effective business setup packages to streamline the process for you.


    Unlocking Efficiency: Streamlining Your Trade License Journey

    Expat Zone, the UAE’s leading business setup consultants, understands the complexities of navigating the trade license process. We offer a full range of company formation services to ensure a smooth and efficient experience:

    Free Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with our experts to discuss your business goals and recommend the most suitable license type and emirate.

    License Application Assistance: We’ll handle all the paperwork and formalities associated with obtaining your trade license.

    Visa Processing: Our team can guide you through the visa application process for your employees, Freelancers, Tourists, Maids, Investor, Family.

    Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing support beyond setup, assisting you with license renewals and other compliance matters.


    Happy Clients we have Served

    “Expat Zone made setting up my business in Dubai a breeze! Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, and I was up and running in no time.” – Janet M., Founder, Clothing Boutique (Dubai)

    “I highly recommend Expat Zone for anyone considering starting a business in the UAE. They took care of everything, allowing me to focus on building my company.” – David B., CEO, Tech Startup (Abu Dhabi)


    Choosing the Right Trade License and Emirate with Expat Zone

    We understand that navigating the diverse landscape of trade licenses and emirates can feel overwhelming. Expat Zone empowers you with the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions:


    Tailored Recommendations: During your free consultation, our experts will analyze your business goals and recommend the most suitable license type and emirate based on your specific needs.


    Free Zone vs. Mainland: We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of establishing your business in a free zone or on the mainland, allowing you to choose the most suitable option.


    Cost-Effective Solutions: Expat Zone offers competitive business setup packages to fit your budget. We ensure transparency in all associated costs, avoiding any hidden fees.


    Streamlined Process: Our team will handle all the paperwork and bureaucratic hurdles involved in obtaining your trade license, saving you valuable time and effort.


    Multilingual Support: Expat Zone boasts a team of multilingual professionals who can guide you through the process in your preferred language, ensuring clear communication and a stress-free experience.



    Benefits of Choosing the Best Business Consultants in Dubai


    Benefits of Choosing the Best Business Consultants in Dubai


    Expat Experience & Expertise

    As the leading business setup company in the UAE, we possess a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success.


    Client Focus Approach

    We prioritize your needs and goals, building a strong foundation for your business in the UAE.


    UAE Business Network & Resources

    Expat Zone leverages its extensive network within the UAE to ensure a smooth and efficient setup process.


    Ongoing Business Setup Support

    Our commitment extends beyond setup. We offer ongoing support with license renewals and other business compliance matters.


    Ready to Start Your Business Journey in the UAE?

    Contact Expat Zone today and schedule your free consultation. Let’s explore the exciting possibilities of obtaining your trade license and propelling your business to success in the vibrant UAE market.


    Here’s what you can do next:

    Contact Us: Schedule your free consultation with Expat Zone today.

    Explore Our Services: Learn more about our affordable business setup packages, Tax consultants, Bank account opening, ESR (Economic Substance Regulations)

    Browse Client Success Stories: Gain inspiration from real-life success stories of businesses established with Expat Zone’s support.


    Now you know the answer to How much is a Trade License in the UAE with confidence. Expat Zone, your trusted partner in business setup, is here to make your dream a reality. Let’s unlock the potential of your business together!

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