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    How to Move to Dubai from UK with Family?

    What to do first?

    Are you thinking of making the big move from the UK to Dubai?

    Although it’s an exciting time, it can be a complicated process or even feel like a mission as it involves relocating your entire family to the vibrant city in the United Arab Emirates.

    As expats with first hand experience, we would recommend that you book in a free consultation with us so we can understand your requirements. This was something we did initially before moving to Dubai and were pleasantly surprised at the options that were available for us as a family. For instance, if you are looking at setting up your own business you can either choose Freezone, Mainland or Freelance.

    Therefore it is important for you to understand which setup will be ideal for you and your family. Also there are many Emirates that you can set up your business in, for example, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

    Choosing the right school for our son was another challenge that we faced. As we were relocating from the UK, it was important for us to continue with the British Curriculum. There are many schools which follow the British and American curriculum in the UAE. After immense research we narrowed the schools down to about three schools which were in close proximity of each other in an area called Muweilah. 

    To make life easier for you we have put together a complete guide from all types of visas to schooling for your child, to ensure a successful transition.

    How to Move to Dubai from UK with Family?


    When to Make a Move?

    Consider moving to Dubai from the UK when you’re ready for a new adventure, whether it’s for work, lifestyle change, or simply to explore a different culture in Dubai. Plan ahead to ensure a smooth transition for your family.

    Which Visa will you need in UAE?


    How it Works?


    Which Visa will you need?

    Research the visa requirements for each member of your family. Depending on your situation (employment visa, investor visa, Freelancer visa, Business visa, etc.), different visa types may apply.

    Begin the visa application process well in advance through us at Expat Zone UAE.

    Gather all necessary documents, including passports, employment contracts, and medical records.

    Dubai Cost of Living vs UK

    Understand the cost of living in Dubai compared to the UK. This includes housing, transportation, groceries, and leisure activities.

    Research average salaries in Dubai for your profession to assess your financial feasibility.

    Renting or Buying a Home in Dubai?

    Explore the housing market in Dubai to find suitable accommodation for your family.

    Consider factors such as location, amenities, and proximity to schools and workplaces.

    Utilize real estate agents and online platforms to search for rental or purchase options.

    Cultural Differences in Dubai for UK Expats

    Familiarize yourself and your family with the culture and customs of Dubai. Respect local traditions and laws to ensure a smooth integration.

    Connect with expat communities in Dubai to seek advice and support from fellow UK expats.

    What is Dubai Healthcare Like?

    Research healthcare options available in Dubai, including public and private hospitals, clinics, and insurance coverage.

    Ensure your family has comprehensive health insurance to cover medical expenses.

    UK Kids Education & Schools

    Explore educational opportunities for your children, including international schools and curriculum.

    Research school admission procedures, fees, and kids activities to find the best fit for your family.

    Pros & Cons of life in dubai


    • Tax-free income
    • Diverse job opportunities
    • Modern amenities and high-quality lifestyle


    • High cost of living, particularly housing
    • Cultural adjustment
    • Extreme weather conditions

    Lets Compare the two places

    Compare the lifestyle, job opportunities, educational system, and cultural aspects between the UK and Dubai to make an informed decision for your family.

    Latest Facts & Statistics

    Dubai boasts a thriving expat community, with British expats among the largest groups. The city offers excellent infrastructure, business opportunities, and a dynamic lifestyle.

    How much does Dubai cost for a UK family?

    The cost of relocating your family to Dubai varies based on visa fees, housing expenses, healthcare, and education costs. The time frame for the move depends on visa processing times and logistical arrangements.

    Helpful Website Links:


    What will be your Dubai visa requirements?


    What will be your Dubai visa requirements?


    What is a Dubai Family Visa?

    When moving to Dubai from the UK, securing the right visa is your initial step. Dubai offers various visa options catering to different purposes such as work, residency, or investment. Understanding these options is crucial for a successful relocation.

    When to apply for a visa ?

    Consider visa requirements as soon as you plan your move to Dubai from the UK especially if you want to live the crypto trader lifestyle. Starting the process early ensures you have ample time to gather necessary documents and meet application deadlines.

    How does the Family Visa Work?


    Research Visa Types that are right for you and you family

    Explore the different types of visas available for British citizens, including tourist visas, transit visas, GCC Residents E-Visas, job seeker visas, and residence visas.

    Understand the specific requirements and durations associated with each visa type.

    Applying for a Visa

    Determine whether you need to apply for the visa through the UAE embassy in London or if it can be arranged through a sponsor in Dubai.

    Follow the application process outlined by the respective authorities, ensuring all required documents are submitted accurately and on time.

    What are the Steps you will need to take?

    Research visa types available for British citizens.

    Determine the application process based on embassy or sponsor requirements.

    Gather necessary documents such as passport, proof of purpose, and sponsorship letters.

    Submit the visa application and await approval.

    Getting a Dubai Family Visa Pros & Cons



    • Wide range of visa options catering to different needs.
    • Streamlined application processes for certain visa types.
    • Flexibility in duration and purpose for short-term and long-term stays.


    • Visa requirements may change periodically, necessitating updated information.
    • Some visa types may require sponsorship, which adds complexity to the process.
    • Visa fees and processing times vary depending on the type and urgency.

    Compare Visa Types

    Compare the different visa options available to British citizens, considering factors such as duration, eligibility criteria, and application processes.

    Latest Visa Facts & Statistics

    Dubai has seen a steady increase in expatriate population over the years, with British citizens being among the prominent groups. The city’s diverse economy and vibrant lifestyle attract individuals from around the world.

    Visa Costs & How Long?

    Visa costs vary depending on the type and duration. Additionally, processing times may range from a few days to several weeks, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

    Cost of Living When Moving to Dubai from the UK


    Cost of Living When Moving to Dubai from the UK


    What are the daily costs?

    Understanding the cost of living in Dubai is crucial for expats considering a move from the UK. While Dubai offers a high standard of living, it’s essential to budget for expenses such as accommodation, healthcare, and schooling to ensure financial stability.

    When to Consider Spending?

    Consider the cost of living in Dubai as part of your relocation planning process from the UK. Understanding these expenses will help you budget effectively and make informed decisions about your move.

    Does Dubai have Tax Free Income?

    Unlike the UK, expats in Dubai do not pay taxes on their salaries. This can offset some of the higher costs of living compared to the UK, providing financial relief.

    What are the Key Expenses to Consider


    Accommodation: Rental prices in Dubai vary depending on location and amenities, with averages ranging from AED 4,000 to AED 11,000 per month.

    Transportation: Monthly transportation costs range from AED 450 to AED 540, offering convenience and affordability.

    Groceries: Weekly grocery expenses range from AED 340 to AED 1,100, depending on dietary preferences and family size.

    Healthcare: Monthly healthcare expenses average between AED 390 to AED 1,300, ensuring access to quality medical services.

    Education: Annual education costs vary from AED 9,000 to AED 29,000, with options available for international schooling.

    Daily Cost Saving Steps:

    Research the cost of living in Dubai compared to the UK.

    Create a budget outlining key expenses such as accommodation, transportation, groceries, healthcare, and education after starting your business in Dubai.

    Consider lifestyle factors and spending habits to personalize your budget.

    Pros & Cons:


    • Tax-free income provides financial relief.
    • Access to modern amenities and high-quality services.
    • Diverse expat community and cultural experiences.


    • Higher cost of living compared to the UK, particularly in housing and education.
    • Varied quality of services and amenities may require additional research.
    • Cultural adjustment and potential lifestyle changes.

    Compare Living Costs Dubai vs London

    Compare the cost of living in Dubai versus London across different categories to understand potential financial implications for your relocation.

    Daily Costs Facts & Statistics

    Dubai’s cost of living is influenced by factors such as housing, transportation, and healthcare. Understanding these expenses helps expats make informed financial decisions.

    Rough Daily Costs

    Costs of living in Dubai vary based on lifestyle and spending habits. It’s important to budget accordingly and consider potential fluctuations in expenses over time.

    Cost of living Website Links:


    Areas to Live in Dubai


    Areas to Live in Dubai


    What is the best area in Dubai?

    Moving from the UK to Dubai presents an opportunity for a change in lifestyle and environment. Understanding the housing options available in Dubai is essential for a smooth transition.

    What to Consider before moving? 

    Consider exploring housing options in Dubai when planning your relocation from the UK. Researching in advance allows you to make informed decisions and find the best accommodation for your needs.

    Real Estate in Dubai

    Real estate in the UAE is often more affordable than in the UK, allowing for lavish living within budget constraints.

    Explore various housing options, from luxury apartments to beachfront villas, catering to different preferences and budgets.

    Popular Areas for Expats

    Consider popular residential areas preferred by UK expats in Dubai:

    Dubai Marina: 

    A waterfront community offering luxury apartments, shopping malls, dining options, and beach access.

    Downtown Dubai: 

    Home to the iconic Burj Khalifa, known for its glamorous shopping, entertainment, and high-end residential towers.

    Palm Jumeirah: 

    A man-made island known for exclusive beachfront villas, stunning skyline views, and world-class amenities.

    Jumeirah Beach Residence: 

    A coastal area with beautiful beaches, upscale restaurants, and luxurious villas and apartments.

    Arabian Ranches: 

    An upscale community offering spacious villas and townhouses around a championship golf course, ideal for families.

    Emirates Hills: 

    A unique community featuring some of Dubai’s most luxurious villas and mansions, with breathtaking skyline views and access to world-class golf courses.

    Pros & Cons:

    Affordable real estate optionsCultural adjustment may be required
    Variety of housing choicesDifferent legal and administrative procedures
    Access to amenities and recreational areasDistance from workplace or schools may vary
    Opportunities for community engagementLimited availability in highly sought-after areas
    Potential for investment and property value appreciationWeather conditions may differ from the UK



    Compare the cost, amenities, accessibility, and community atmosphere of different housing options in Dubai to find the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences.

    Facts & Statistics: 

    Dubai’s real estate market offers diverse options catering to expatriates from around the world. Understanding market trends and property values can aid in decision making.

    Estimated Costs & Time Frame: 

    Costs of housing in Dubai vary based on location, size, and amenities. Researching average rental and purchase prices helps in budgeting for relocation expenses. The time frame for finding accommodation depends on availability, preferences, and administrative procedures

    Important Living Costs

    RentAED 5,000 – AED 10,000 per monthGBP 1,500 – GBP 3,000 per month
    TransportationAED 400 – AED 500 per monthGBP 100 – GBP 200 per month
    GroceriesAED 500 – AED 1,000 per weekGBP 200 – GBP 400 per week
    HealthcareAED 500 – AED 1,000 per monthGBP 200 – GBP 400 per month
    EducationAED 10,000 – AED 20,000 per yearGBP 5,000 – GBP 10,000 per year

    FAQs: Moving from the UK to Dubai

    How can a UK citizen move to Dubai?

    To move to Dubai from the UK, you typically need to secure a visa, which could be a work visa, residency visa, or investor visa. Visa requirements vary depending on your purpose of relocation. It’s advisable to research visa options and requirements beforehand and apply through the appropriate channels, such as the UAE embassy or a sponsor in Dubai.


    Can I move to Dubai from the UK without a job?

    Yes, it is possible to move to Dubai without a job, but it may require additional planning and resources. Consider other visa options, such as investor visas or freelance permits, which allow you to live and work in Dubai without traditional employment. Research the requirements and eligibility criteria for each visa category before making your decision.


    Is it worth moving from the UK to Dubai?

    Moving from the UK to Dubai offers a unique opportunity for a change in lifestyle, career advancement, and exposure to a new culture. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons, considering factors such as job opportunities, cost of living, cultural differences, and personal preferences. Conduct thorough research and consider consulting with professionals to make an informed decision.


    How long can a UK citizen stay in Dubai?

    UK citizens can typically stay in Dubai for up to 30 days on a tourist visa, which can be extended for an additional 30 days. For longer stays, you would need to obtain a residency visa, which allows you to live and work in Dubai for a specified period, usually renewable annually.


    How to live in Dubai permanently?

    To live in Dubai permanently, you would need to obtain a residency visa, which requires sponsorship from an employer, family member, or as an investor. Meet the eligibility criteria, submit the necessary documents, and complete the application process as per the guidelines provided by the UAE authorities.


    Do I have to pay UK tax if I work in Dubai?

    If you are a UK tax resident, you may still be liable to pay taxes on your worldwide income, including income earned in Dubai. However, certain tax treaties and exemptions may apply, depending on your residency status and the duration of your stay in Dubai. It’s advisable to seek advice from a tax professional to understand your tax obligations.


    Can I move to Dubai without a job?

    While it’s possible to move to Dubai without a job, having employment or a stable source of income is typically preferred for visa sponsorship and financial stability. Explore alternative visa options, such as investor visas or freelance permits, to facilitate your relocation without traditional employment. We hope you have learnt more about How to Move to Dubai from UK with Family.

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